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Behind thousands of successful businesses, there is only one name: Drs Consulting Group and Associates LLC. We are devoted to the development of moderate-sized organizations all over the US and Europe. Our firm has been based upon an underpinning of corporate money mastery, reasonable experience, and incredible client support. Our counseling administrations and arrangements are pointed toward expanding the proficiency of capital raising for businesses.
We are known for swiping away hurdles to help new and small companies by assisting them in business and financial consulting. Watching out for our client’s business needs and prerequisites, we make it conceivable to assist them through challenges faced while establishing and growing a business. Our counselors direct our clients bit by bit through their journey. Everything from supporting our client in sorting government regulations including all the legal paperwork to establishing a business on the internet. Our dynamic services make us an all-rounder business consultant company. Drs Consulting Group LLC assists its clients in filing an LLC along with the preparation of articles of Incorporation, document filing with the secretary of state, and much more legal work. Our clients are not left alone to deal with hassle but are provided with personalized customer support to help them sort out their queries. Our clients are also provided with all the basic facilities they need to establish a professional and appealing outlook of their business on the internet. This includes everything from custom company logos to the website and social media management. We also provide business credit consultation so you do not have to worry about your credit score. Our founder Dr. Sharita Speed has been uplifting businesses for the past 10 years alongside she is an author, inspiring business coach, entrepreneur, and dynamic motivational speaker. As a sharp finance manager, she possesses three organizations and gets north than a decade of experience working with High Effect Business-driven conditions. She is committed to help individuals with groundbreaking assets, strategies, and pragmatic procedures that can lead them to their legitimate reason. With dedication and passion, she has made DrS Consulting Group a successful business that is now assisting other businesses.

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Our customers have been extremely pleased with the quality of our work.
I am very pleased to say that DrS Consulting Group LLC was very professional. They helped me to obtain my own Authority, and also answered every question without hesitation. I will highly recommend them to anybody needing help.
Monica L. Shaw
Business Owner
Thanks DrS Consulting Group LLC for making the process of starting my business so easy. You’ve worked so fast and handled my legal papers right on time. I am open for business thanks to you DrS Consulting Group LLC.
Claudine D. Fullerton
Business Owner
Great company and never gives us a hard time. I called to get some general information on starting a trucking company and honestly did not expect to get such wealth of information. I recommend it!
Jason M. Wilhite
Business Owner
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